280 Today Screen Themes (240x240 Screen) v1.0

Requirements: WM05,WM06
Overview: This 280 theme pack should have a theme to suit everyone.

Application description:

Includes Animals (40), Sky & Sun (40), Famous World Places (40), Landscape (40), Classic art (40), Space (40) and Sea (40) themes.

These themes have been carefully created with colour and tone in mind. They are all different in their own way and gives your device a different look and feel as and when you want to change the Today Screen.

Simple Instructions:

1) Open Microsoft ActiveSync and click on the Explore button.
2) Copy your theme file from your computer to your Pocket PC My Documents folder.
3) On your Pocket PC Tap Start > Settings> Today, and click on the Appearance tab.
4) On your Pocket PC, tap Start, Settings and Today and select the theme you want to use.
5) Enjoy your new theme.

More Info: