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Thread: NetFront Browser v4.1

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    Default NetFront Browser v4.1

    NetFront - a powerful browser in many ways superior to the standard Pocket IE. It supports a lot of protocols and formats - HTML4.01, XHTML1.0, cHTML (Compact HTML), XHTML Basic 1.0, CSS (Cascading Style Sheet) 1 and 2, ECMAScript 3rd Edition (javascript 1.5), DOM (Document Object Model), various image types, HTTP/1.1, SSL (Secure Socket Layer) 2.0/3.0, TLS (Transport Layer Security) 1.0, Java.
    In addition, NetFront has many useful functions, which are so lacking in Pocket IE: multi mode, fine tuning the image size, download files, saving images, and so on.

    Opportunities NetFront:
    - Support for HTML 4.01
    - Support for XHTML 1.1
    - Supports cHTML (Compact HTML)
    - Support for XHTML Basic (XHTML subset: W3C Recommendation)
    - Support WML1.3
    - Support for CSS (Cascading Style Sheet) 1, 2 (partial)
    - Support for ECMAScript 3rd Edition (javascript 1.5 equivalent)
    - Support for DOM (Document Object Model) 1, 2 (partial)
    - Support for images: GIF, Animation GIF, PNG, JPEG, MNG-LC, BMP
    - Support for HTTP/1.1
    - Support for SSL (Secure Socket Layer) 2.0/3.0, TLS (Transport Layer Security) 1.0
    - With MW (displaying up to 5 tabbed windows)
    - Support for Cookie
    - Bookmarks, remembering the current page
    - The function of Auto-Cruise
    - Start other proogramm
    - Search Engine
    - Display pages with the size of the screen
    - Various modes of surfing - Full Browsing, Text Browsing, Simple Browsing, Rapid-Render
    - Certificate Manager
    - Support for RSS, Atom Feed
    - Built-in NetFront SMIL Player
    - Built-in viewer NetFront SVG
    - Password Manager and input data into forms
    - Customizable popup
    - Working with a virtual screen (the size differs from the physical size of the screen)

    System requirements: WM5 - WM6 Require .NetCF:
    Screen resolution: QVGA, VGA
    Type of installation: CAB
    Author/Developer: ACCESS CO., LTD.
    Official site:
    Language: ENG
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