QIP_PDA Symbian build 1043 UIQ3 signed

QIP PDA Symbian - multi-client for communication networks: ICQ, Jabber, Mail.Ru, Google Talk, Yandex Online and Live Journal. The software features a lot of options and opportunities for comfortable intercourse.

Key features:
protocol support ICQ, Jabber, Mail.Ru, Google Talk, Yandex Online, and Live Journal;
starting with the Symbian 9.2 version of the appearance of the program;
supports two modes (with their own background programs and with the background phone);
supports skins and different color schemes;
font set in the contact list and message window;
setting any color;
animated smilies;
proxy support and opportunity to choose the default access point;
fine tune alerts (alert);
maximize the workspace (by hiding the header and menu);

Changes in version:
Opening the mailbox mail.ru and qip.ru and show the number of unread messages;
Fixed a problem with the program color scheme and phone skin;
Settings window messages transferred to the general settings;
Added item quickly enable / disable sound;
New manual adjustment of volume;
Drawing menus, dialogs and tabulators graphics system skins;
New fonts configuration for a list of contacts and dialogues;
Added new smilies without the white background;

Supported language: English, Russian;