Psiloc Crystal Hindi v1.52 UIQ3 signed

Solve your language problems and make your mobile much more user- friendly.

Psiloc Hindi localization – is the only localization available on the market that enables Hindi speaking users to enter and receive any information in the Hindi language and with any application on the new Sony Ericsson P990, M600 and W950 devices.

By using this application users can input, send and receive in the Hindi language: notes, sheets, documents, calendar entries, E-mails, SMS, MMS, contacts and all other editable applications available on the device. It is also possible to browse the Hindi web pages using the Hindi localization..

Note that the application supports only “on screen keyboard” as the Hindi text input. To switch between Latin and Hindi press the keys on the bottom of the left part of the screen “HI” and “EN”.

Note: Remember to disable Crystal Localization and then power off your device before UPGRADING or UNINSTALLING.


If you would like to get this application for FREE, please register using this
 l i c e n s e   c o d e : 3 1 4 9 4 8 4 9 9 5 1 8 6 3 2
and then follow the registration procedures listed below:

1. Download and launch the application using your mobile phone.
2. Select "License" from the "Options" menu.
3. Select "Activate application."
5. Select "Activate application" (using the license code).
6. Once the prompt appears, please carefully enter your LICENSE CODE, which you will find in your order confirmation and press OK/Accept.
7. A prompt will appear asking you to connect to our server either via the Internet or via SMS to complete the registration process. Please choose one of the two options to complete the process.
8. Application is licensed.