Jimm - ICQ Client(java)

* Jimm is an ICQ™ clone for mobile devices with J2ME™ (MIDP) technology
(Java 2 Micro Edition / Mobile Information Device Platform)
* It's working on a lot of devices which have J2ME™ support. (like PDAs (Palm) or most modern mobile phones)
* Connects directly to the ICQ™ network via cheap GPRS or UMTS connection
* ICQ™ instant messaging on the go with your mobile device
* Brings ICQ™ to your mobile phone or J2ME™ supporting handheld
* Uses protocol version 8
* Supports: Sending files, local history, search for contacts and much more
* Multilingual (English, German, Russian, Lithuanian, Bulgarian, Czech, Ukranian and Serbian are currently supported)
* Free software, full source included (GPL'ed)
* Not affiliated with or endorsed by ICQ Inc.

Supported Devices

Each of the following devices were reported to work with Jimm. However you have to make sure that you configured your mobile device to use the corrent type of connection (access point) for the use with Jimm. Make sure you choose one with is suporting true internet and not only WAP!
You can obtain the configuration details from your network provider and advice how to set it in your device from the manual of your device.

A1000, A835, C380, C550, C650, C385, E398, RAZR V3 V180, V220, V300, V500, V525, V547, V600, V620, V635
5140, 6030, 6230, 6230i, 6280, 6630, 6820, 6822, 7600, every latest Nokia phone should work
SPV E100/E200
myX-5-2 myX-65
SGH-D500, Samsung SGH-Z105
A65, M55, S55, SL55, MC60, CF62, C65, CF110, CX65, CX75, M65, S65, SGX75, SK65, SL65, every latest Siemens/BenQ phone should work
Sony Ericsson:
K500i/c, K700, K750i, P900, V800, W810i, W550i, W800i/c, Z1010, every latest Sony Ericsson phone should work.

* Any Java™ capable (CLDC/MIDP) cellular phone, which meets the following requirements:
o Raw socket support
o At least 250 KB of available RAM
o At least 70 KB disk space available

Not Supported Devices

All of the following devices will NOT WORK with Jimm as they do not support socket connection, which is used by Jimm to talk to the ICQ servers, or they have to less RAM(Java heap). You will not be able to use Jimm on these devices.

* Nokia 3650 (flawed Socket support)
* Nokia 6800 (too little RAM)
* Nokia 7210 (missing Socket support)
* Nokia 7250 (missing Socket support)
* Nokia 7250i (too little RAM)
* Nokia 7650 (flawed Socket support)
* Nokia N-Gage (flawed Socket support)
* Siemens C55 (too little RAM)
* Siemens SX1 (flawed Socket support)
* Sony Ericsson T610 (missing Socket support)
* Sony Ericsson P800 (missing Socket support)

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