FlipFont is a great way to easily change fonts on our devices, but it sucks that you have to pay to get a very small selection of fonts, most of which look horrible on the device. So recently I though I'll figure out why when you add your own fonts to the folder (along with that .in2 file) the app would revert to the default device font. And what I found was that the font files (ttf) from FlipFont are digitally signed, that means that the FlipFont guys (smart bastards) could force the use of their pay-fonts on the symbian community (even smarter bastards).

So without any more babble here's what to do:

1. Get your hands on a trial/paid copy of Font Creator (use version 5 for Trial Copy since it allows you to save fonts)

2. Connect your phone to your PC and drag a copy of a font from the Phone memory\FlipFont directory. I used Handel Gothic but it doesn't matter, obviously it's best to avoid the trial fonts.

3. Download free fonts from dafont or wherever you like. Remember it has to be a TrueType font (.ttf extension).

4. Open FontCreator and load 2 fonts: Handel Gothic (the paid FlipFont) and your first font.

5. You should see two windows, one of each font. Switch to the Handel Gothic (paid font) and select all the glyphs (Ctrl A). Also note the number of glyphs at the bottom of the window (399 in case of Handel Gothic).

6. Now hit Delete on your keyboard. The glyphs should be deleted.

7. Go to Insert > Glyphs... and type 399 and select Top. You should see empty boxes.

8. Switch to the window of your font within Font Creator. Select all glyphs (Ctrl A) and then copy them (Ctrl C) and now switch back to the Handel Gothic (paid font) window and select all boxes (Ctrl A)

9. Now hit Ctrl E or Paste Special (not just paste). Select all check-boxes as well as Add Mappings

10. Now your font glyphs should be inside Handel Gothic (paid font). At this point you're done with FontCreator, unless you have empty boxes towards the bottom and you would like to add your own custom characters inside those empty boxes.

11. When you're done, close your font window and switch to Handel Gothic (paid font) which now has your font glyphs in there and go to File > Save as and save it as you wish or you can just replace your own existing font.

12. Additionally you can go to Tools > Auto Naming to rename the font the way you want (otherwise you will see multiple copies of the name inside FlipFont). Then hit Save again.

13. Now open your font in the PC and you should see in the first few lines that it says it's Digitally Signed. If not, you probably did something wrong (however unlikely that is).

14. Now just grab a copy of any .in2 file inside the FlipFont directory in your phone memory.
*my font filename is Caviar.ttf and the .in2 file should be Caviar.in2
*my font name is Caviar Dreams then inside the .in2 file you should write Caviar Dreams in the first line

15. Place it in the directory and go ahead and apply it.