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Sony has today unveiled its first Walkman-branded DVD (and CD) player. Itís a mobile one, of course, with a tablet-tastic design and 7-inch widescreen.

Despite this, itís only about the same size as a DVD case Ė although it weighs a bit more. The screen has a 480 x 234 resolution and, according to Sony, a 180 degree viewing angle (quite how itíd be possible to view a 7-inch screen from such an angle is beyond us, but there you go), while the tablet comes equipped with a pair of stereo speakers.

And it gets better: the charging dock has its own set of speakers too, which should offer a superior sonic performance to the built-in jobbies. The battery itself will last for around three hours, or seven with the screenís backlight turned off.

The player is called the D-VE7000S, and will launch in Japan on 1st June. A price of around £170 is expected, but we wouldn't count on it being so cheap if it ever turns up in the UK.