ImageSpy_, 2.0.4 by Sys.Open .

With ImageSpy you can set your Nokia S60 phone to monitor its vicinity and raise an alarm when motion is detected. The alarm type can be audio, silent, message or call

ImageSpy by SysOpen Digia is an innovative application for camera and MMS enabled Nokia Series 60 devices. The camera can be set to observe its neighbourhood and raise an alarm when motion is detected. When your phone detects motion you can (1) save the camera image and (2) send it as a MMS, (3) initiate a phone call or (4) send an SMS. Additionally you can make your phone (5) play a selected sound file. Digia ImageSpy can be set to continuously monitor its target, and record and report all activities over a longer period of time.


Surprise your friends or colleagues; make your phone play your favourite sound file whenever they enter your room, or wake yourself from the nap at the office when your phone sees your boss approaching. Take a snapshot of Santa Claus when he comes down the chimney, or have a peek at the mysterious person who raids your refrigerator while you?re sleeping. Now you can see what time it really was when your partner arrived from last night?s party!


Sleep tight all night long--have your main entrance, backyard or vehicle guarded and get an alarm when something exceptional occurs. Let Digia ImageSpy play sounds whenever customer enters your store, or take automatic pictures of your first ten customers. By using your personal security code you can deactivate the alarm before it is raised, similar to professional security systems.


Audio alarm
SMS alarm
MMS alarm
Phone call alarm
Advanced motion detection algorithm
Activation of motion detection, delay of 0-60 seconds permitting 7650/3650 to start surveillance
Camera view is provided to ease to find ideal and firm position for surveillance
Saving and sending image when alarm is detected
User defined sound files; ImageSpy is able to use any sound clip or ringing tone on your phone
Delay before alarm raised
Reactivation time for restarting surveillance
Alarm deactivation code
In demo mode you may test motion detection functionality but changing the settings is not possible.
You will be asked for an activation code when you try to enter the settings view.
The activation code will be delivered by e-mail after purchasing the product.
Be careful to enter your phone IMEI code correctly to the purchase form in Handango.
Please note that the activation code can be used only on a single phone and is not transferrable.

Supported phones: Nokia 3650, 6600, 7610 and variants. Note: Nokia 3230 and 6260 are not supported

Available languages: English, Spanish

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