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Fire up your PSP and stick into Tannoy's new speaker system.

So, you’ve squirreled away the pennies for a PSP Slim & Lite. Good. Now you need to get searching for something to make it look prettier and play nice. Like your missus does with clothes and stuff.
Step up the Tannoy PSP Speaker system. Alan Partridge’s favourite sound merchant has cranked out a dedicated blaster that lets you watch your UMDs and listen to tunes.
There’s SRS TruSound for that 5.1 surround experience, plus a whopping 50W of total power. So even your collection of late 90s Now compilations will sound massive. Nice.
There’s a 3.5mm jack for shoving in anything else you fancy, plus a remote so you don’t have to shift your backside.
You can grab one now for a penny short of £100.