[Only registered and activated users can see links. ] The "nunchuck" on the left will also be motion sensitive.

Games developer lets slip that the controller’s “nunchuck” attachment is also motion sensitive.

Now that we’ve all recovered from the revelation that Nintendo has now officially named its forthcoming console the “Wii”, it’s time to reveal a tasty little news nugget: the controller’s “nunchuck” attachment is motion sensitive.
It has been known all along that the main controller – that’s the remote control-style “wand” one – will be able to transfer information to the console based on how you move it about, but info on the “nunchuck” attachment has been sparse to say the least.

However, according to EA’s John Schappert, the nunchuck has an accelerometer and is therefore able to measure its own motion, mapping that on to what’s happening on your telly screen. Schappert revealed it while talking about the forthcoming Wii version of perennial gridiron favourite John Madden, mentioning that you will be able to make a player dodge a tackle by gesturing with the nunchuck.

While it won’t have the same level of control as the main wand controller, this will add another string to your Wii-controlling bow. With any luck, we’ll be getting our hands on the controller next week at E3 – keep it locked for all the latest info.