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Call of Duty 3 producer Sam Nouriani has confirmed that while the Wii version of the game won't be as graphically exciting as its PlayStation 3 or Xbox 360 counterparts, it will use the controller's unique features.

"Typically the reticule in CoD games is centred on the screen. With the [Wii] game, because of its accelerometers and a position-pointing device in the actual remote, we've freed the player up," he says in a recent magazine article, scanned and doing the rounds on the net.

"We're going to be spending quite a bit of time in the coming months tweaking that until we get it just right."

The race is certainly on, as Activision said during its pre-E3 briefing last month that Call of Duty 3 would be released to coincide with the launch of both the PlayStation 3 and Nintendo Wii, and although the latter's release date is unconfirmed we do know it'll happen this year - with Thanksgiving in November being touted by most people as a reasonable bet.

Activision's so far been coy about showing off Treyarch's CoD3 (going to great pains to get a leaked shot of the PS3 version taken down by a number of websites recently), but that can't last for long. We'll let you know more soon.