I'm stuck for getting a new phone. I like the N97 but I'm not to keen on the "dated" hardware and rehashed OS. Then I thought of the Omnia HD but I won't watch videos on the massive screen so it's a kind of a waste and I'm not so keen on the size. (I use the N95 8GB and I think that's as chunky as I'd like. The Satio is thinner though, would that make a big difference in the pocket?)

Which brings me to the Satio. I think everything about it is good (apart from the missing headphone jack, but I use my ipod a lot) so I was wondering about the operating system. I read that it's based on the Symbian OS, which I guess means SE have patched their own UI ontop of it.

My question is how likely is it that the patched UI will be compatabile with the applications available on this forum?