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Thread: Mobile FTP - Any need of it?

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    Lightbulb Mobile FTP - Any need of it?

    I'm thinking of putting up a mobile ftp which will host apps on my new 500 gB external harddrive (of course I won't use the whole drive for this).

    So instead of uploading it to Noeman, you login and upload it to my FTP and then links to the file so other can download.

    If I put it up, only symbian 9.1 posters (games and apps) will get accounts (might theme posters aswell). I'm hoping we can have some kind of structure on it - maybe developer or year and months as subfolders or something like that.

    But before I get the FTP server and set it up, I will make a poll here, and if I get positive response I will set it up. NOTE that I will limit bandwidth (yes, I download things too, ok?) and it -might- will not be up 24/7 (I don't have an old computer lying around which can be on 24/7, I have a laptop, and if I travel somewhere with it - you get the situation). So tell me your opinions, is there any need for it?

    EDIT: Just realisied something. Even if the file size are small, many users could make the download speed go down and make my external drive getting "wared out" early because of so many readings... and my connection is also not really good, sure 24mb/s (megabit) works good when you download stuff but not for a ftp. If I had 100mb/s and alot of money (so I can have a harddrive just for this) this could have worked. Sorry. Can a mod lock + thrash this thread? If anyone else wants to create one, go ahead, you got my fullest support.
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