Microsoft has announced plans to start selling the Xbox 360 in India by this October, with a price point set at INR 19,990 (around EURO 340) for the Core system.
Speaking to, corporate global sales VP Mitch Koch described the Indian market as "vibrant", observing that there are around 1.6 million people in India who spend more than two hours per day playing games.

"We are hopeful that in the coming three to five years the gaming market in India is going to grow at a fast pace," Koch said.

"And being the first to launch this second-generation console, we are going to capture 100 per cent market share."

Microsoft has conducted a survey in the region which shows that as the employment rate rises, disposable income is increasing. "More people are inclined towards [a] digital lifestyle and find means for spending in an alternate means of entertainment, so we are expecting an enthusiastic response from the market," Koch stated.

He went on to agree that India is "a price sensitive market", explaining that Microsoft plans to run a promotional campaign in the run-up to launch. From June 9th, to celebrate the kick off of the World Cup, consumers who pre-order an Xbox 360 will receive 10 per cent off the total price.

Koch said that the Xbox 360 will initially only go on sale in India's major cities, but that it "will be available across all the cities and towns in a couple of months after launch... Through 1200 retail outlets."