iRodeo - Crazy Bull Riding v1.01


Compatible with iPhone and iPod touch Requires iPhone OS 2.2.1 or later


Got what it takes to stick with it? Come on over and see how long you last.

iRodeo is a quick and fun bull riding game for everyone!
Easy to pick up, but hard to put downÖ see how long you can hold on to a raging bull! Unlike traditional bull riding, the point is to see how long you can go without falling off. It can be 30 seconds to close to 2 minutes (Safe to say, we haven't seen anyone pass 2 minutes).

Do you really think you have what it takes to be a crazy rider?! No app on iTune pits your animal reflexes like iRodeo does. Are you going to just sit there and let your dinner trample all over you? No! Take to the saddle and own that beast. Take turns and compete with friends to see who is the better rider! Looks easy, huh? It is! But, it's going to be real hard to stay on.

Bull Riding:
Tilt Left / Right to balance Rider.
Riderís head in the Balance Bar should be in the center.
The Balance Bar disappears after you've gotten the hang of it.

Calm the Bull:
Swipe in clockwise motion to lower Bullís rage.
If you fail, the Bull will speed up and throw you off.

New in this Version:
. Improved game interface
. Global ranking
. Minor code fix

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