Compatible with iOS 5 on all iPhones and iPod touches

Flowtation puts your notification above your screen, so you move the screen away and reveal notifications center!

Flowtation does it in the coolest, smoothest way! Neither words nor screenshots do justice with Flowtation, you should watch the demo video below to get an idea what Flowtation is.

Flowtation does NOT add any lag whatsoever to your notification center (I've tested it thoroughly on my own device with a plethora of tweaks installed, your results may slightly differ)

Flowtation IS compatible with Intelliscreenx
Flowtation has NO known incompatibilities
Flowtation works EVERYWHERE! Landscape orientation, older devices, games, apps, home screen and etc!

You are given the option to fade away and darken your screen and therefore focus on notification center when it is pulled.
Based on a concept video by Max Rudberg (although it slightly differs from his concept).

This video demo isn't sped up by any means! This is truly how smooth and fluid Flowtation is! In fact it might be even smoother because this video was captured on device and therefore using additional resources.


Cleaner settings panel

Stationary Transition:
Fixes some bugs with IntelliScreenX
Fixes pulling notification center while a notification banner is active and the device is in landscape orientation
Fixes a not positioned correctly shadow (while the device is in portrait after it has been on landscape)
Fixes major slowdown when grabbing the close notification center button (instead of tapping it)
Shadow look now imitates the look of the multitasking switcher shadow

Moves Transition:
No changes.

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