This is a release with many changes. So far only the background stuff and the popup have received changes. The GUI will follow soon.

- GameCenter support: added support for the game center daemon (a process which runs in the background). You'll have to REBOOT your device after installation to enable this (Saurik will fix that in a future MobileSubstrate update). IMPORTANT: because game center is actually an own progress which runs in the background and starts running when a game needs it, rules applied to the Game Center Daemon will affect all apps. You can use allow/deny (all) session to make changes for every game.

- totally new way of showing the popup. should fix all those freezes some users were getting occasionally

- new PopUp Design. I hope you like it

- a field on the PoPup which shows the url (if possible)

- if the hostname has more than 2 parts (more than, when you tap on the selector for "normal, *, and *." you'll be able to select parts of the hostname the rule will apply to. (example instead of you can choose * which will block all subdomains of but not itself (* will do that))

-many other changes/enhancements/fixes you won't see

bug reports and suggestions: [Only registered and activated users can see links. ] (I might not answer all, but I will read whatever I get)

How to: remove Firewall iP, add this repo: [Only registered and activated users can see links. ] , install Firewall iP Beta
(!!!and follow @_yllier_ on twitter for news about future updates!!!)

here is the file: [Only registered and activated users can see links. ]