S60 5th Edition mobiles are very popular among Nokia users including Nokia 5800 XpressMusic and N97. That is probably the reason that Nokia is coming up with N97 mini in a month. I have already shared some Nokia 5800 tips and tricks and here are some more tips on how you can use your Nokia 5800 more efficiently.

General Tips

  • You can tap the clock to bring on the clock menu to set alarm.
  • Go to Applications > File Manager and setup Backup for automated backup schedule of your phone data.
  • Update Nokia 5800 firmware using your phone using following steps.
    • Press *#0000# to display phone factory information and firmware
    • Now press Options and select check for updates.
    • The newest update will be sent to your phone form Nokia.
    • Download and install updates (this is done using GPRS or WiFi Connectivity).
  • Notification light will blink if there is unread SMS/ missed calls. It could be turned off via Settings > Notification light > Off.
  • Restart your phone if the memory less than 30MB, you could either soft reset (User a dialer and dial 5 * * then call) or hard reset by pressing the power button.
  • Always install any application on your memory card; this is because if the application does not work properly you can uninstall it easily.
  • Uninstall applications in proper way User Menu > Setting > Application Mngr > Installed Apps > Choose Application then option and uninstall.
  • To hard reset Nokia 5800, put *#7370# and then put lock code (i.e. 12345). Backup phone memory before doing this.

Battery Saving Tips

Keep Bluetooth and wireless scanning off when not in use.
If you are not using 3G, choose you network mode to GSM instead of dual mode which will consume more battery. Settings > Connectivity > Network mode > GSM.
Always terminate any application not in used using Option > Exit.
Let us know if you have any other Nokia 5800 XpressMusic tips to share with readers.