Cheap webhosting!

Dreamhost offers a great webhosting experiance. Since I joined last year at this time, there has been very little downtime (once per month MAX, nothing ever noticable by me, i just saw it posted that it was DoS'd a couple times). Their bandwidth and diskspace allotments are ALWAYS growing. I started last year at 120GB/month of bandwidth and 2000MB space. As of this posting, I have 6GB of space and 170GB/month of transfer bandwidth!

Basically, the point is this is a great webhosting company that has many awesome features and that I am personally backing with my own seal of approval

Now's where the savings come in. Simply go to this link (yes my referal is included, take it out if you really care, but it has no effect on you and I would greatly appreciate anything anyone can do for me) and sign up. When it asks for a promotion or coupon code, enter "ITSHARE97" and you will be immediately saving $97 from the plan that's a total of $119.

That means you only end up paying $22.40 for 1 year! This is very cheap for a whole year of awesome hosting.

So sign up if you're interested in owning some cheap webspace.([Only registered and activated users can see links. ]. It's very fast and very reliable.

If you do sign up, please use my referal ID. Where it says "Who referred you" simply put in mafo84. Next, let all your other friends know using your referal ID and that can help you.

If you do sign up, post back here to let everyone know how it went, and if you have any questions, feel free to ask!