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Apple hasnt published any information about how many iPads were sold over the weekend, but one thing is clear: AT&T certainly had a fruitful launch period. AT&T released information today that it has sold 200 percent more iPads over the launch weekend compared to last years launch weekend. To put that in simpler terms, the carrier activated three times as many iPad Airs as they did with the iPad with Retina Display that launched last year.

The differences in sales totals should come with an asterisk because the fourth-generation iPad launched at a challenging time last year. Millions of consumers had already purchased a third-generation iPad in March of 2012, so by the time that the iPad with Retina Display arrived in October, a significant portion of potential buyers were reluctant to upgrade so soon. The latest iPad has arrived at a more comfortable fall launch spot, and AT&T customers responded very favorably to the well-received tablet.