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Thread: How to Hack Samsung Bada OS

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    Talking How to Hack Samsung Bada OS

    Samsung Bada isn’t very popular in comparison to that of iOS or Android, but still, there are users who want to hack Bada operating system.

    There is a tool called “WaveSpoofer”, which allows you to hack your Bada operating system and thus it gives you the freedom to install ******* bada games. As of now, Bada OS 1.2 is *****able.

    Requirements -
    1. WaveSpoofer - Download it from [Only registered and activated users can see links. ].
    2. ******* Bada Applications (Use Google search to search them)
    3. Container App.

    The procedure consists of replacing the contents of already installed app with the one you want which is paid / ******* BADA app.

    How to use:

    1.) Run WaveSpoofer.
    2.) Choose Original APP (the app you downloaded and you want to install)
    3.) Choose Container APP (memory card -> others -> bada-applications)
    4.) Press Spoof and wait until the process is finished.
    5.) Disconnect your USB cable from computer and reboot your device.
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