Recently we’ve received a new official firmware update for our Wave devices (bada 1.0.2) and with it – new camera firmware. Everything nice, but after updating bada OS we won’t have our camera’s firmware updated straight away. To do this we need to follow these few steps:

1) From the main screen (the one where You place widgets) press ‘Keypad’ and enter: *#197328640#. After pressing the last character (‘#’) You should see the following screen

image 1: Entering service menu

Now You need to press ‘6‘ for ‘Video‘.

2) In Video settings press ‘3‘ for ‘Camera Firmware‘,

Image 2: Video settings

3) Now You’re in Camera firmware settings. Here You should first check whether the update is available at all. Press ‘1‘ for ‘Phone/CAM FW Ver Check‘ to get current camera firmware versions:

Image 3: Camera firmware settings

4) We see that there are three versions here: one SESBDG01 and two SESBDC22. This means that inside this bada firmware there’s SESBDG01 camera firmware ready to be installed but both cameras still have older firmwares (SESBDC22).

Image 4: Camera firmware versions

To install new camera firmware press ‘#‘ or ‘Back‘ to go back to Camera Firmware settings (Image 3: Camera firmware settings) and then press ‘2‘ for ‘Phone to CAM FW Write‘.

Now DON’T PRESS ANYTHING until firmware update is fully completed. This operation will take 4 minutes, after which there will be message that everything is done ([OK][OK]). Wait patiently for this message and ONLY THEN press ‘#‘ to go back to Camera Firmware settings.

5) Next check Your camera firmware versions again (see point 3). You should now get: SESBDG01 : SESBDG01 : SESBDG01, which means that both cameras firmwares are up-to-date.

Image 5: Camera firmware updated versions

I hope this will clear some doubts and help those who’d hesitate to do do such things on their own.

Note 1: If the phone screen will go black during the update, it means that something went wrong and You need to turn Your phone on again (long press on End Call button) – so don’t panic! Try to follow the update process again. It happened to me but next time everything went OK.

Note 2: Remember that firmware versions are presented like this: [Phone] : [Camera1] : [Camera2]. So update only if the first version has the last three chars ‘bigger’ then in other two versions.