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  1. Resident Evil 4 tire sur les screens
  2. Mario Power Tennis et tous ses amis
  3. Need For Speed Underground 2
  4. Killer 7 revient en images
  5. Liste des jeux NDS japonais !! ::
  6. Famitsu DS Scans
  7. No More Resident Evil
  8. Nintendo Reveals 2005 Lineup
  9. New sreenshot from MARIO KART DS
  10. Another Code : un jeux mysterieux pour la DS
  11. Le bundle Resident Evil 4 se fait voir
  12. Metroid Movie Details Announced
  13. Shadow The Hedgehog : Images et précisions
  14. Splinter Cell avance sur Nintendo DS
  15. Pokemon Dash
  16. Prince Of Persia 3 en autant d'images
  17. La Nintendo Revolution bonne derničre.
  18. Rare toujours sur DS
  19. Shigsy And Iwata Interview
  20. New Super Mario Bros for Nintendo DS
  21. Gameboy Micro Dated And Priced
  22. Nintendo Revolution controller
  23. Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess [Screenshots]
  24. Nintendo Revolution to be unveiled on May 9, 2006
  25. DS growing new Tales
  26. Ubisoft gets turtle power
  27. Killer 7 and MGS creators to join forces?
  28. Resident Evil: Deadly Silence ... The remake for DS
  29. Nintendo DS Lite
  30. Super Princess Peach : Vibe Island Vacation DS
  31. snes emulation
  32. Revolution gets Blitzed
  33. starcraft ghost?
  34. Revolution (Hands on report)
  35. Dual Touch screen Patent filed
  36. Nintendo DS 600 New Wi-Fi hotspots U.K.
  37. Real life Mario Kart... How cool is this...
  38. Revolution to use USB & SD Cards...
  39. The Greatest Games of All Time: The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past
  40. Mother 3 Update: News screens, only 4 days until Japannese release
  41. Sega Announces Monkey Ball for Revolution
  42. Turn your DS into a Media Player...
  43. SEGAS "Monkey Ball" On Revolution
  44. EA Announces Madden Football for Revolution
  45. Konami announces Elebits for Revolution
  46. Nintendo Announces Revolutions Real Name
  47. DS Gets Rumbled
  48. Wii Secret Leaks out!!!
  49. Xecret Wii Controller Exposed!!
  50. Classic Wii controller
  51. Nintendo e3 Conference 2006
  52. New Wii Accesories
  53. DS Lite Launch imminent
  54. Wii to Launch with Trauma Center
  55. Animal Crossing for Wii
  56. The Virtual Console and snatching up non-gamers
  57. Official Nintendo Wii Game List (Must Read)
  58. Web surfing with the Wii
  59. Wii To Launce For Under $250
  60. Hello? Can you hear Wii?
  61. Nintendo Talks UK Price For Wii
  62. Japanese Gamers Want Wii
  63. Challenge NOE @ Metroid Prime : Hunters
  64. ATI Exec Talks Wii Chip
  65. Wii Is Not Next Gen says Iwata
  66. Nintendo DS Friend Codes
  67. Wii gets Connected for DS Demos
  68. Nintendo Talks AC Wii
  69. Nintendo Cleans Up @ Game Critics Awards
  70. Play Music & Movies On DS
  71. Wii Launch Details Announced By September
  72. Nintendo DS Game Reviews
  73. Nintendo talks fresh Wii controllers
  74. Wii To Have Instant Messaging?
  75. DS Will Link Wirelessly With Wii
  76. Nintendo Wii goes touchscreen
  77. Call Of Duty 3 Wii Details
  78. Nintendo DS Lite Theft
  79. Wii Launch Game List Leaked
  80. Japan To Get Opera DS In July
  81. Premium Content On Wii?
  82. What That Wii Flap's For
  83. Sync your Wii
  84. Wii To Launce In September?
  85. Nintendo DS Drive Jap Games Boom
  86. Wii Chip Makers Ramp Up Production
  87. FF-Themed DS Lite For Japan
  88. Wii-Mote - New Details
  89. Dog Devours DS Lite
  90. New screenshots of Pokémon Diamond & Pearl
  91. Nintendo details European release schedule
  92. Pikachu Gets A DS Lite
  93. Nintendo's 24 Hour Promotion
  94. May the force be Wii-th you
  95. $49.99 Price Tag For Wii Titles
  96. UBI Readys 7 For Wii Launch
  97. Opera Web browser for Nintendo DS
  98. Multicoloured Wii On it's way...
  99. 500,000 Europeans Train Their Brains
  100. Now Wii’re talking!
  101. Wii 27 launch titles!!!
  102. Wii can Excercise too...
  103. EA Expects Wii To Retail For $170
  104. Final Fantasy III DS Dated
  105. Nintendo GC Conference : Live!
  106. Game-Cube Wii-visited
  107. Wii Date & Price On Sept 14?
  108. Nintendo fooling us with Wii shots
  109. Nintendo DS To Get MP3 Player
  110. Retailer Slips Out Wii Details
  111. Nintendo Receives Wii CPUs
  112. Wii Launch Details
  113. Wii Euro Launch Details
  114. UK Wii Channels Revealed
  115. THQ Preps Four For Wii Launch
  116. Sony Exec Says Nintendo Died Three Years Ago
  117. Nintendo Profits Up Nearly 50 Per Cent
  118. Nintendo announce the day of launching of Zelda for GameCube
  119. Japan To Get Wii With DVD Player
  120. Nintendo promises that Wii will be the greater launching of the decade
  121. Nintendo announces all the games of Wii for 2006
  122. Wii Will Sell Out This Xmas - Nintendo
  123. Wii introduction on the market: Nintendo wants to deliver approx. 4 million consoles
  124. THQ Predicts Strong Sales For Nintendo Wii
  125. Dev Focus Shifting To Wii - Fils Aime
  126. ExciteTruck Has MP3 Option
  127. New images of Necro Nesia for WII
  128. 400k Wiis For Japanese launch
  129. DS Reaches 7 Million Sales Across Europe
  130. Nintendo Reacts To Wii Issues
  131. Wii is exhausted most of in the United States
  132. Nintendo Sells 600,000 Wii Units
  133. Nintendo DS sales top 2 million in UK
  134. Bond shooter on Virtual Console
  135. Nintendo Wii Game Reviews {Brief}
  136. Early Wii Figures From Japan
  137. European Consumers Snap Up 325,000 Wii Consoles In Two Days
  138. The Legend of the Dragoon series will have a game in Wii
  139. Announced the games of Nintendo DS for the first months of 2007
  140. Where have all the DSs portables gone?
  141. New screenshots of Etrian Odyssey for Nintendo DS
  142. New images of Final Fantasy XII for NDS
  143. Mario Kart 64 arrives at the Virtual Console
  144. Announced the catalogue for February of the Japanese Virtual Console
  145. New images of Wing Island for WII
  146. Announced the launching of Final Fantasy V
  147. SquareEnix VP hints at future Wii games
  148. My Sims confirmed for DS
  149. Nintendo DS downloads
  150. Final Fantasy XII Revenant Wings already has date in Japan
  151. Konami announces Dewy's Adventure
  152. Konami announces Time Ace
  153. New images of Mortal Kombat Armageddon for Wii
  154. The president of Nintendo America talk about the results of the company
  155. First images of The Destiny of Zorro for WII
  156. New games for the Virtual Console of Wii
  157. New images of SSX Blur for Nintendo Wii
  158. Nintendo stops the production of GameCube
  159. New images of Fire Emblem for Wii
  160. New image of Battalion Wars 2 for Wii
  161. Images of Mario Party 8 for Wii
  162. New images of Dragon Ball Z Harukanaru Densetsu for NDS
  163. New images of Mario versus. Donkey Kong 2
  164. Nintendo dates its games for April
  165. 15 million DS in Japan
  166. Final Fantasy Fables: Chocobo Such will arrive in May
  167. New video and images of Super Mario Galaxy for WII
  168. Metroid 3: Corruption
  169. First images of Treasure Island Z for Wii
  170. New details of Pokémon Mysterious World 2
  171. New images and video of One Piece for Wii
  172. Logo and first illustration of NiGHTS for Wii
  173. Miyamoto will work in Mario & Sonic AT the Olympic Games
  174. Resident Evil 4 could arrive at Wii
  175. More details about Resident Evil Umbrella Chronicles
  176. Square Enix announces a range of games DS Style
  177. New details about Resident Evil 4 for Wii
  178. Nintendo increases its forecasts of benefits
  179. The Sims 2 Pets announced for Wii
  180. New images of Mortal Kombat Armageddon for Wii
  181. New images of Opoona for Nintendo WII
  182. Half of the Japanese users of Wii are almost new
  183. New images of Mario Strikers for Wii
  184. Nintendo prepares 45 games for Wii and 79 for Nintendo DS
  185. New images of Zelda: Phantom Hourglass
  186. Final Fantasy XII for Nintendo DS begins with force in Japan
  187. Wii boot chip
  188. Tutorial : How to Backup WII Games
  189. New images of Dragoon Quest Swords WII
  190. DS : Dragoon Quest IX will not have multiplayer in Network; new images
  191. New details of Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: The Crystal Bearers WII
  192. New images and video of Pokémon Battle Revolution for Nintendo WII
  193. New images and details of Super Smash Bros. Brawl
  194. New video of Resident Evil Umbrella Chronicles
  195. New screenshots of DK: King of Swing for Nintendo DS
  196. Myst will arrive to Nintendo DS this autumn
  197. New screenhosts of The Legend of Zelda: Phantom Hourglass
  198. New screenshots of Dragoon Ball Z Budokai Tenkaichi 3 Wii /PS3
  199. Rune Factory will be released for Wii
  200. New screenshots of Final Fantasy VI for GBA
  201. Only Wii
  202. Wii sells six times more than PS3 during June in Japan
  203. New images of Metroid Prime 3: Corruption
  204. Sega waits good sales for the Olympic game of Sonic and Mario
  205. Nintendo will release a camera for Nintendo DS
  206. Resident Evil Umbrella Chronicles will include a multiplayer mode
  207. Wii brick blocker
  208. First video of Nights for Wii
  209. New illustrations of Harvest Moon for Wii
  210. WiiFit on it's way
  211. Nintedo WII Specifications
  212. wii brick blocker v1.3 : ready to Download
  213. Copy Wii Disc to DVD-R backup : (how to copy wii games)
  214. Crimson / black DS Lite for sale in America?
  215. 10 Fast Facts from Nintendo
  216. eWin NDS Tool version 1.31
  217. NDS M3 perfect Adapter : Nintendo DS Movie Player 3
  218. Dragon Ball Z: Budokai tenkaichi 3 - Official fact sheet and screenshots
  219. Smashbros Characters
  220. Chocobo's Dungeon, of Wii, this year in Japan
  221. Resident Evil Umbrella Chronicles already has date of launching in Japan
  222. New images of One Piece for Nintendo DS
  223. What DVD drives can backup/burn wii games?
  224. Wii - Internet Channel
  225. Wii NTSC to PAL Converter! :D
  226. Strange stripes [Wii]
  227. Wii MODCHIPs - Nintendo Wii MOD-CHIPs
  228. WiiKey / Xeno-Wii ModChip : Copy & Buckup wii games
  229. CycloWiz - Wii ModChip
  230. Konami announces Pro Evolution Soccer for Wii
  231. First images of Game Party for Wii
  232. Shrek returns to the videogames with Nintendo DS
  233. Camelot Plays Golf on Wii
  234. Project O Revealed
  235. Wii Playground Sets Recess Time
  236. Resident Evil Umbrella Chronicles and Wii Zapper will be sold together in Japan
  237. Wii triples the sales of PS3 in Japan
  238. New images of Bleach for Wii and NDS
  239. Nintendo Math: Wiimote + Nunchuk = Wii Zapper
  240. Gamecube games
  241. Sega wants to sell 4 millions of Mario and Sonic at the Olympic Games
  242. Best games for NDS?
  243. New images of Final Fantasy Tactics a2: Fuuketsu NO Grimoire
  244. [Guide] How to trade pokemon with yourself using VBA
  245. Almost all GameBoyAdvance roms!!!!!!
  246. New images of Final Fantasy Tactics A2
  247. New images of Mario & Sonic in the Olympic Games WII
  248. Mario Galaxy
  249. Nuevas imágenes de Rygar para Wii
  250. Turn your Wii into a media hub