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  1. Nokia City Scene 3D Maps Nokia N9 MeeGo Unsigned
  2. Nokia 3D World Gaze v1.11.7 Nokia N9 MeeGo
  3. Open Video Player v0.0.2 Nokia N9 MeeGo
  4. RestartMe (Meego Reboot) v1.0.1 Nokia N9 MeeGo
  5. Mozilla Firefox (Fennec) v10.0.a1 Nokia N9 MeeGo
  6. Sigma Player v0.376275.0.1 Nokia N9 MeeGo
  7. Battery Usage v0.271953.8(0) Nokia N9 MeeGo
  8. Sports Tracker v1.379278.0.0 Nokia N9 MeeGo
  9. fMobi v2.1.0 Nokia N9 MeeGo
  10. cuteTube v1.0.1 Nokia N9 MeeGo
  11. SwipeManager v0.338079.0.2 Nokia N9 MeeGo
  12. SmartCam v1.368756.4.0 Nokia N9 MeeGo [By Deion]
  13. Filebox v0.362754.0.5 Nokia N9/N950 MeeGo [By Matias Perez]
  14. The Flashlight N9 v1.393309.0.0 by PicoBrothers
  15. Moderator needed for MeeGo zone
  16. Qt Drumkit qtdrumkit 1.0.0 MeeGo - N9 e N950
  17. Download: Office for Nokia N900
  18. App Review: Shortcuts for the Nokia N9 (Video)
  19. N9Tweak - Customize and tweak your N9
  20. RingingRestorer V1.0 BY ajalkane
  21. BWizzFree V1.0 BY Tone Kastlunger
  22. HarBox by Le Bien Cuong v 0.2 MeeGo 1.2 Harmattan
  23. 20 Must Have Apps For The Nokia N9