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  1. Nokia X6 v21.0.4 (RM-559) HACK BY PNHT
  2. Supernova^1 Nokia 5233 CFW With IPhone HS
  3. WOW:-.::Nokia N8 installserver Hacked CFW::.--
  4. Hack Your C-7 (RM-675)
  5. S^3 Modding by CODeRUS
  6. Nokia N8 Camera Autofocus Hack
  7. The X6 Remix (RM-559 v30.0.003) by dude2009 (Updated)
  8. New Nokia N8 Camera Mod
  9. JAF supports N8, C7, C6 and other newer mobiles {S^3}
  10. Debranding Nokia N8
  11. flashing nokia n8 (language change/replacement firmware)
  12. How to Update Nokia N8 Firmware (OTA)
  13. Nokia N8 Tip: How to Setup Email Account on N8
  14. Nokia N8 Tip: How to Enable Multitasking
  15. Convert Nokia N8 into a Router
  16. New N8 Multiple Mods v2.20 (No Hacked N8 needed)
  17. Tutorial: How to Hack Your Nokia C7-00 version 012.003 Using Phoenix Software
  18. CFW for C7 with Dolby Digital
  19. N8 Multiple Mods v3.00
  20. Nokia N8 Service manual
  21. N8 Multiple Mods v4.00
  22. How to hack nokia e72?
  23. Sklchan S^3 mods v6.00
  24. How to hack my e71? Pls hlp me.
  25. How to make our N8 to be an ad-hoc router ?
  26. The newest way of breaking Symbian with new firmware without a PC and reflashing.
  27. New S^3 Multiple Mods v7.00 (No Hacked Phone needed)
  28. How to change product code for c6-01
  29. Request for signing my file
  30. RomPatcher3 S^3
  31. RomPatcher+ v3.0 {New version with S^3 support} Released: 12.06.2011 by Il.Socio
  32. HelloOX2 v2.11 released!12th Jun 2011 - RP+ 3.0 for S^3, Symbian Anna included
  33. Nokia c7 (RM-691) Nokia c7 (RM-691) Firmware Version 20.37 PR 2 on Navifirm
  34. ROMPatcher+ v3.1 S60v3 S^1 S^3
  35. Nokia E6 hacked via molded UDA file. Version 22.014 only
  36. easiest way to hack the N8
  37. Hacks after Anna
  38. Mod Disable Active Diverts Note for S^3 by CODeRUS
  39. [MOD] Change Anna Boot Screen with Symbian Belle (working now)
  40. help: java applications cannot be installed on Anna
  41. Hack of Symbian by IAL (no certificate, all models and FWs!)
  42. NO CERT. needed, Hack ur s^3,Anna,belle...!!
  43. NO CERT. needed, Hack ur s^3,Anna,belle...!!
  44. [06.10.11] UPDATED-Symbiaen^4 Belle for Nokia N8 v111.020.0203.
  45. [FONT]An Awesome ttf uni font with symbol and logo supported
  46. [FONT]Kingthing Exeter v7.5.uni_s60v3v5s3 created by ihint
  47. Process to Rename Application and Application Folder
  48. I want a Custom firmware for Nokia 500 (RM-750)
  49. Symbian Belle FW111.030.0607 for Nokia N8 RM-596 by ivo777
  51. Slide Mania Theme Effects{UPDATE BELLE RELEASED UPDATE 2 Belle RELEASED}
  52. {Guide} How to remove smartinstaller from Qt based apps and avoid install error
  53. Nokia C7 - RM-675 - Unleashed Distro V4 (Belle) CFW [1st cfw for c7]
  54. Slide mania theme effects by allstar12345: UPDATE 4 BELLE & ANNA RELEASED !!
  55. [MOD]menu key always red (for c7 & 701) by Debbuger
  56. NavifirmEx v1.6.1 By Weitian Leung
  57. (Patches) Working Rompatcher Patches For Belle v.111.030.0607
  58. INSTRUCTIONS How to add your own fonts to FlipFont app
  59. [TRICK] Disable red light during record video on N8
  60. Nokia E6 Cleaned C drive and No annoying Welcome Application. No bugs
  61. INSTRUCTIONS Tutorial to format/hard reset a bricked symbian^3 phone (nokia n8, c7, e7, c6-01)
  62. INSTRUCTIONS MOD: Turn Opera Mobile 11 as your default browser
  63. INSTRUCTIONS MOD: Charging led to red menu Key
  64. INSTRUCTIONS MOD: Kinetic Scrolling Improvement for Symbian Anna/Symbian Belle
  65. INSTRUCTIONS MOD: Music Player Screen Saver for Anna/Belle
  66. Slide Mania Effects ( All Versions + Base Pack) Complete Guide
  67. Sleeping Screen v3.0 ( MOD)
  68. [MOD] Tactile Feedback in Calls S^3 (connection prompt vibra)
  69. INSTRUCTIONS Slide Mania Effects v6.1 Released Anna AND Belle
  70. Menu Mod 4x4 by PaNKaJ
  71. INSTRUCTIONS New Symbian Belle[updated-08-feb-2012] hacking problem - SOLVED
  72. (MOD) Digital Clock Widgets only for Belle
  73. (MOD) No Text Under The Icon In HS (Belle)
  74. INSTRUCTIONS NEW way to get all FRIMWAREs files(ORIGINAL) to REDUSE the Rsk of phone DEAD/Bricked .
  75. NokiaN8-RM596 CFW- DEV-FREEDOM Reprise - Basic & Enhanced All Lang by STRATEGIST
  76. INSTRUCTIONS cOllectiOn Of Belle Wigetz(updated 20\02\2012)-ABHAY
  77. INSTRUCTIONS NAVI Frimware Plus 1.7+ (21\02\2012)-ABHAY
  78. HELP belle smile mode
  79. INSTRUCTIONS [MOD] Max Battery Life Mod by ivo777
  80. REQUEST c2z patch for belle feature pack 1
  81. c2z patch for belle feature pack 1 (cook)
  82. INSTRUCTIONS Ultimate Mods Nokia Belle Belle S ^ 3 By Simograndi
  83. INSTRUCTIONS Sound improvement v3.2
  84. Camera sound Mute Mod for Belle
  85. INSTRUCTIONS «Patch» Layout symbian nice interface by iExtraX7 [09/06/2012]
  86. INSTRUCTIONS Joshlog Patch with one Click Installation By Normas Interruptor
  87. Nokia startup splash screens shared by ene49
  88. How do i hack my Nokia N8 symbian belle 111.040.1511 software version?
  89. [MOD] N-Droid Avkon2 by Shafittey
  90. Zoomore theme effects by Shafittey
  91. Multimenu 3.0 for Belle Refresh & FP2
  92. Nokia Belle Translator App
  93. RscCleaner v1.1 S60v3v5 S^3 Anna Belle UnSigned