NOTE: GPS Bug never existed so there was nothing to fix. It was just my phone was having problem with the network APN identification.

FINALLY!!!!!!! Its done its beautiful and yes its the Successor to my MEGATRON ROM. But very sad to admit I couldnt fix the GPS bug. I tried and tried but no luck. It seems other hackers still trying so there should be a fix in the coming days like a to flash with CWM Recovery. But anyways lets enjoy this Unofficial Froyo 2.2.1 Update.

*****Special Thanks and Credits*****
-My most respect goes to Darkyy (played an important role in customizing stock ROM)
-fr4gg0r for hacked camera apk
-scar45 (Custom boot animation)
-vukandric (gingerbread theme port)
-dwillmufc (collection of gingerbread theme fixes)
-scheichuwe (helpful fixes for JPU gingerbread theme

Many more programmers and hackers helped me over time but I forgot. So if you need to be acknowledged please contact me my friends. I hate to be accused of stealing work.

------Getting Started-----

Download the XXJPU Custom ROM (again cannot thank Darkyy enough)
Click [Only registered and activated users can see links. ]

Download Optimus Prime Wallpapers (love you ALiken)
Click [Only registered and activated users can see links. ]

*****Installation Instructions*****

-Download the ROM and put it in your internal SD card

-You need to have CWM Recovery installed. If you dont guide how to obtain it is below.
-Download this [Only registered and activated users can see links. ] and rename it to just For example you will see file name when you download. Just delete the recovery- part. Before I had some geniuses rename it to

-Next put the in your internal SD. To boot into CWM recovery just reboot into normal Stock 2e recovery and select install Your phone will reboot again into normal recovery so select install again to boot into CWM. If you get an error and cannot boot into CWM then mayb you put the file in the wrong place. Reboot into home screen and put the in the right place.

-For those who already have CWM recovery and lag fix enabled please disable lagfix by going to Advanced ULK feature in CWM and disable lagfix. To be safe reboot phone normally so that lag fix is disabled and then reboot again into CWM for flashing.

-Ok so now in CWM go to install zip from SD card>navigate to the folder>and install the ROM.

-Flashing process will start and you will see some blue writing on your phone. Dnt be alarmed. After flashing is completed you will boot back into CWM Voodoo edition. The font will be orange. Go back and reboot phone normally.

-The boot process wil take long as Voodoo lagfix is very power hungry. DO NOT remove battery or turn off phone if booting takes long. Be patient and put your phone next to your ear and listen for a robotic lady to talk. She will say preparing partition and data back up and stuff like that along with estimated time. So wait till everything is done.

-Wait till you see DOS boot screen and phone to fully boot and do a media scanning and prepare SD card.

-Voila magnifico. You just got pimped with Froyo 2.2.1.

-Download the Optimus Prime wallpapers provided by my bro ALiken, unzip it and put it on your phone. Go to menu>Wallpaper>gallery bla bla bla cmon guys you know the drill. Dnt have to explain everything.

Please do not flash any themes,kernel or lagfix. This ROM is self Sufficient and will become unstable if you customize it anymore. Wait for a few days as there are many Theme Masters working on themes for XXJPU. There are already some beta version of themes available but are highly unstable. When a stable theme emerges i will update you all.
For speed hungry mongrels, reboot into CWM and enable voodoo lagfix. Reboot and again phone will take a bit long to start up. Just listen for the robotic lady to comment whats happening and the estimated time of the process. DO NOT take out battery or reboot.

*****Trouble Shoot Section*****

I bricked my phone/I cannot install this ROM coz I get error in line 80 Installation Aborted. And similar errors like this. Dont panic relax. You should have 3 button combo enabled. I posted a tutorial long time ago about this.

This error occurs because all previous ROMs especially my Megatron ROM has fixed Kernels thats messes with the 2.2.1 kernel. To fix this very simple. Just download this version of [Only registered and activated users can see links. ]. You should have a flashing tool called Odin V1.3. If you dont download from [Only registered and activated users can see links. ].

-Once you download both files open Odin 1.3 and tick the PDA box and upload the file you just downloaded (stock eclair) in the PDA section.

-Next tick the Re-Partition box. Now on your phone make sure USB debugging is on. Go to setting>Application>Developments>USB Debugging on. Now press vol down + home button + power button. This will get you into Download Mode.

-Connect you device to the computer and in Odin you will see device added. Click start.

You phone will be flashed with a stock eclair version XWJM8. DO NOT disconnect device until process is done. You will see a green area in Odin saying PASS. Let you phone boot normally into home screen. Next step is to download the CWM file I mentioned above, rename it to and put it in you internal SD card. Now boot into stock 2e recovery and follow the same steps as mention in the instructions part to flash via CWM.